Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Politcal Gender Differences, & Someplace in the Southwest....

It's Tsunami Tuesday and it's pretty exciting around here. The Alpha Male in our home is glued to his computer, checking out the incoming totals, and hoping that McCain trounces his competitors.

I'm packing, off in a couple hours to the Big Apple for a wedding. Why is it that generally, women are less invested and emotional about politics than guys? Is it that Alpha thing, where they need to compete and hope to dominate? Is it because policies and politics are more global, and most women are consumed with local--their homes and families? Not that we're uninterested--I go downstairs to check the status of the Tsunami every so often--but I'm not tied in knots over it. Instead, I've got that pre-travel nervousness--the last minute scuttle and chaos that keeps echoing in my brain, "I wish I didn't have to leave!" even as I anticipate the celebration to come.

I think this is yet another gender difference--guys want to go conquer the world, and I want to conquer the contents of my suitcase.

In any case, the photo above was taken
in the Southwest at a location associated with a famous person. Can you guess where? I hope to be able to update my blog in a couple days, and let you know.


  1. hmmm,"southwest" you say? I'm guessing: Frank Lloyd Wright? Georgia O'Keefe? did I win the prize? even if I didn't, I "won" some good times with my fave doppelganger - ooohhh,all that pre-trip chaos and sleep deprivation (for one of us) was more than mucho worth it, wasn't it? FUN with a capital Y for YAHOO!!(okay, that didn't make any sense but la-dee-dah!)When's our next sojourn?

  2. YES, you do win the prize, DoubleTee!! It is indeed Frank Lloyd Wright's home and school site in Scottsdale (outside Phoenix), called Taliesin West!! Clever, clever girl!