Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And the answer is...Be prepared for this!

Thank you for your guesses about the creature who made the amazingly detailed house at right. I will now quote the caption as it appears published under that photo: "Despite being single-celled organisms without any nervous system, some species of amoeba are able to build a portable shelter and carry it around for protection. The intricate 'house' shown, which has a diameter of 150 micrometers, was built from grains of sand by Difflugia coronata."

Now, WHY would a single-celled "animal" make a "house" with a scalloped door? What are those pointy "fins" in the back that look like a '57 Chevy? How does the amoeba smooth the grains of sand into this oval shape? Where in its single cell does it keep the information or instinct that "tells" it how to make this house? Do these amoebas just live in colonies of little finned, scallop-edged sand-balls? ("Hey Joe, look at Ch
arlie's new digs!") These guys are ONE CELL, for goodness sake! Am I the only one who is just flabbergasted?

How do atheists explain this...random chance? After all, the amoeba could just have likely made his/her door square with zig-zag edges, right?

Probably the guys who designed this '57 Chevy Bel Air took their cue from Difflugia Coronata...


  1. Guess now we don't AMOEBA-nother guess anymore...thanks for elucidating us, now my breath be not bated any longer. And to SJ-there are certain some desserts which have a sandyish bent,e.g., sandwiches, pecan sandies, ice cream sandwiches ... gotta stop and go eat something now. Still awed by the answer and the amoeba and the scallops and Chevy-esque fins and wish we could view a YouTube video showing how the critter builds its domicile, we should all be so creative! Shavua tov to all posters who share in this Jewbilationish vibe!

  2. I just absolutely could not leave uncommented upon your BRILLIANT juxtaposition of the poky sand house with the poky car fins. ha ha!