Saturday, February 2, 2008

Groundhog Scoffs at Global Warming

Today was Groundhog Day. The day when Punxutawney Phil stands on the soggy soil of Gobbler's Knob, PA and issues his proclamation, dependent on his viewing his pudgy little shadow. The crowds roar and his handlers, in top hats, read his sage words, this time declaring that we shall endure six more weeks of winter. Had the sun not shone, then he would have predicted an early spring. One would think global warming should have spared us at least a couple weeks' shivering.

It is also the fifteenth anniversary of the film, "Groundhog Day" starring Bill
Murray and Andie MacDowell. This is one of my favorite films of all time because it shows a selfish guy who finally "gets it--" that we're put on earth for reasons beyond our carpe diem desires. As you recall, Bill Murray is a reporter sent to cover the prognostication of Punxutawney Phil, and due to a time warp, relives the same day repeatedly until he gets it right--and understands that his personal behavior has reverberations that can be positive, neutral or negative, and that perhaps there's a greater force who has a plan for each of us.

I celebrated Groundhog Day on this Shabbat afternoon by creating a table setting reflecting the theme. Black tablecloth, runner of moss and leaves, centerpiece of "lucky bambo
o," photos of giant enlarged kiwi slices for place mats under clear glass plates, black goblets, earthy print napkins rolled to fit in cowrie shell napkin rings. On the runner, I placed carved animals--a beaver in soapstone, a metal hedgehog, a plastic-clay moose, and a lifelike brown plastic Bigfoot Action Figure. I dressed in black and green to match.

Given that even Al Gore can't seem to bring an early spring, I thought that I'd provide you a photo of a season to anticipate. And this week brings "Tsunami Tuesday," a climax for the election-obsessed, so there's much excitement to keep us all warm.

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  1. Put your little hand in mine... as did certain small children on our long Shabbos trek today. (MAH-mee! We're TIE-urd!) I love that movie - one of my favorites, too.
    But, you know, I don't think GH day is a Jewish holiday. I think it has eveeeeeeel pagan origins.