Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire Happiness, Steinem & Hillary, and a Computer comes home

Hope you're having a happy day, too!
I got back my computer with no loss of data! And I have 25,000 photos, not just 20,000. Turns out my home had apparently had a power surge; it fried my power source in my computer, my mouse and my keyboard. The dead accessories have now found their way to the trash. And I have found relief.

And the New Hampshire primaries have our house a bit giddy, as well. We are a home steeped in politics; we are a home brimming with opinions, many of them very independent. But we are happy tonight that Republicans chose John McCain, because we think he has the best chance of any of the GOP candidates to beat the inexperienced and potentially dangerous (when it comes to international relations) Hillary and Obama.

Gloria Steinem wrote an op-ed in the New York times today saying that poor Hillary is victimized because American's can't give a woman a chance. Poppycock.
We would have given the right woman a chance; we just don't have our own Margaret Thatcher.

What galled me in Steinem's article was that she says Hillary had more experience than Obama, including "eight years of on-the-job training in the White House." Exactly what WAS her job?? Meddler? Unelected and unappointed adviser? Her health-care plan flopped not only because it was unworkable and against what the American people want, but because she was not "on the job," but rather trying to usurp influence by marriage. That's devious. As I recall, the only thing American taxpayers paid her was too much attention.

Why were "her negatives" always so high? Because she presented herself when questioned like a deer in the headlights. Because she was often incoherent. Because her positions and plans seemed half-baked, and because next to Barack, she seemed to have had a charisma-ectomy. Plus, dear Gloria, she didn't have the backing of another woman, a woman of even greater influence and popularity than the candidate--Oprah.

Yep, for all her conniving--and I do see her terms as New York senator as merely conniving means toward her aspirations of the presidency--and dispite her two-percentage-point lead in New Hampshire tonight, Hillary's not going to have an easy time snagging the nomination. We saw how complicated her situation is when her husband wagged his finger and said "I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Monica Lewinsky..." and then had to come back and somberly recant. We all wondered, "Now, what, Hillary?" And she responded, "I still love him...and I'll just become President!" Well, it could happen. She probably struck a bargain with her "play-uh" that she'd let him philander if he'd use his popularity to campaign for her.

But I'm not here to bash Hillary. Instead, I'm just happy that God is blessing this land with a chance for someone who stands by his principles and can be strong. Can McCain beat Hillary? Obama? If he has the right running mate, definitely. Perhaps Lieberman, who endorsed him and would unite the parties--or how about Alaska's governor, the religious, 39-year-old, vivacious, mother,Sarah Palin (right)? The only thing for sure is that New Hampshire voters showed they're aware of the most serious issues we face, and that's a good omen for the future of this race.

Now if I could get my returned computer to have sound...

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