Monday, January 14, 2008

Morning View when it's not raining

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Ahh, but it IS raining. Felines and Canines, in a dark haze of drops, though yesterday, don't tell, we had sunshine and clarity.
Last night I was driving in a car with my husband, daughter and her friend and it struck me: "All four people in this car have his or her own blog!" One of us has a blog that gets 200,000 hits daily. That would not be me.
But I do capture sunrises. And hear the raindrops pelting our metal roof, and look out over the lake to see reflections in gradations of gray. And eat excellent chocolate (thank you again, Nika!). Is that worth as much as having my thoughts taken seriously by hundreds of thousands of web viewers? Or millions of listeners?
It is not.


  1. "All four people in this car have his or her own blog!"

    You should see how often similar comments come up at our table. :P

    One of us has a blog that gets 200,000 hits daily.

    Wow, took me 2.5 years...!! :P

    It is not.

    I dunno about that. Depends what you're into. Each of us has our own impact on the world...

  2. Do you really want to be hit 200,000 times? That sounds very painful. But if you're sure you want it, I can beat your blog senseless... as it certainly deserves. :-)

  3. That was a very sad conclusion. And I agree with Ezzie--who says that watching the sunrise and listening to the rain on the roof is worth less than being listened to? I protest!

  4. Thank you Ezzie, and I didn't know you get 200,000 hits DAILY, even after 2.5 years.. :)
    True that each person has his own impact, but I do believe a small impact is, well, less impactful than a large one--duh! I feel that I spend perhaps the same amount of time on one of my blogs as the 200,000 hit person, but he makes a big impact with that time while I don't. And I think influencing people for the good is desirable and important.'re cute.

    SJ: the 200,000 hit person ALSO watches the sunrise and hears the rain, but he makes a BIG difference in the world. I think what he does IS worth more than what I do...though what I, and most people do is essential to the functioning of the world, or at least the smooth functioning.

  5. NL - I think the question you have to ask yourself is whether the 200,000-hits man would have the ability to do what he does and influence those he influences without you?
    I don't think so.

  6. HUGE GRAND BIG DITTO on Moshe's post -- as I read your words, NL, I yelled out soft to myself, Hey, if you were exposed via other media, you'd get hit on more often too, but who's counting? YOUR hard work and support and love allow MisterMasterBlogger the time and yes, luxury and fer shure, feedback to get those multi-hits ... you yourself, with all that you do to "enable" your entire family to function, are totally a moving target, so what's to hit? Better to be pelted with rays of sunshine, eh? Now go toss some 'liciously dark chocolate in that wise mouth of yours (from which MisterMaster and the rest of us also get tremendously valuable words of deep thought and lovingkindness) and go watch the eagles swoop and swoon at sunset!!

  7. Sure is nice to be loved! Thank you Moshe and doubleT...I don't have low self-esteem, I just realize that the maxim that "everyone makes a difference" need to be qualified, "and some make MORE of a difference."