Sunday, March 21, 2010

The promise of blossoming cherry trees

I'm not through with Israel revelations, but first this interruption for...springtime.  The cherry trees lining the quad at the University of Washington campus burst into flower for one week per year, a time that finds it crowded with picnicking families, camera-toting tourists, parents bringing adorably-clad little ones for their portraits in their Sunday best.  Being among the 30 or so old and spreading trees brings exhilaration and promise. And speaks of God's wonder--allowing these boughs to slumber and then create the billions of petals that soon drift downward like pink snow.  I took the photos above over the last week.


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  2. I LOVE cherry blossom time! Every year it lifts the heart to see the sudden bursts of white-pink blooms on the recently bare trees. Spring is coming, is here! Breathe deep...