Friday, January 16, 2009

Hudson River Plane MIracle--A Hopeful Omen?

We don't have a TV, and I didn't find out about the miraculous "water landing" of US Airways' flight 1549 by hero pilot C.B. Sully Sullenberger until I opened our home-delivered copy of the New York Times this morning. Once I started reading, I couldn't refrain from grateful tears, especially when I read, "The mayor [New York's Michael Bloomberg] said Sullenberger, as befits a captain, twice walked the length of the sinking plane to make sure he was the last to depart." Yes, "as befits a captain."

My husband asked if this miracle is an omen for the beginning of the new administration. Well, I doubt it...but why not? Why not start the new term with a demonstration of supreme competence, a tribute to the level-headedness of Americans, a reminder from the Almighty that He's able to assist the improbable toward a happy ending?

I loved the attitudes of crash survivors portrayed in interviews. Apparently they kept their panic in check, helping each other. Joe Hart, a salesman with an investment firm, texted a Times reporter once things had calmed down: "I'm certain this will get me an upgrade on my next flight!"

That ability to smile is another characteristic of Americans that I hope will prevail during the new president's introduction. Even though citizens are bound to disagree, we Americans can do so politely. And we can surmount difficulties, whether they come from terrorists (God forbid) or a flock of geese.


  1. Listening to your husband's radio program.
    Reading your blog.
    You two are so calm and reassuring (based on knowledge of the facts and optimism.)
    And that is also a mood enhancer for me.

  2. Speaking of geese, make sure to check out my comment on the “Ignorance About Israel” post. Things went by so fast – almost as though the poster were running from the possibility of contradiction. But that’s not possible, is it?