Monday, January 5, 2009

Fireproof Menorah

Please do not light anything in a hotel room. If you do, make sure the table you place it on, in its metal holder, is actually glass, and not plastic that looks like glass. Glass will likely not melt and smolder like plastic will.

If you should char your menorah and Chanuka is continuing, you may want to take my advice and use something like the improvised menorah pictured here. But do not place it near the smoke detector.
This is a floating menorah. There is a quarter-inch layer of water on which these candles glide, explaining why they're not lined up straight. It is not necessary for your tealights to be plumeria-scented and in the shapes of Hawaiian flowers. However, if ABC Stores are your only source of tealights, you, too, may find yourself with a colorful and memorable display, chiddur mitzvah (beautifying the performance of the commandment)!


  1. Chess nuts roasting by an open fire.

    After all, the Wise Men came from a fire. [prounounced in Southern as 'afar.']

    I think there's a theme to all these family outings: plans for togetherness at swanky locations and gatherings punctuated by trauma, fire, blood.

  2. Even glass might shatter... good lesson. We saw a lot of fire engines the first couple nights of Chanukah here...

  3. Is there a Shamash? Pretty...