Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Task for McCain in Tonight's Debate

Could the economic news be more depressing? The stock market is at its lowest in five years. This is giving my husband anxiety, and the thought of Barack Obama trying to implement his spending proposals and consequent tax increases on the people who provide the jobs only deepens the nausea.

It's in this climate that we await the debate tonight. Barack got points (and his echo, Joe Biden, repeated the trick) when he stared into the TV camera at the first debate and swore that "Under my tax plan NINETY-FIVE PERCENT OF YOU would get a tax cut!" The other five percent, the obscene filthy rich who of course need to be coerced under threat of imprisonment to part with any of the loot they hoarde, clearly owe their underlings a further chunk of their earnings.

Now, 40% of the population pays NO income tax, so giving them a "cut" would mean a gift from the eeeevil wealthy 5% in the form of a government check. And the vast majority--70% to be exact--of that 5% are owners of small businesses. You know, like the corner laundry, the neighborhood restauranteur, the quick-print store where you get your xeroxing done--these are the guys who would be taxed more, WAY more than the at LEAST 35% they already pay. That will really stimulate the economy, because then these guys will be unable to expand and create more jobs. Make sense?

I'm really nervous. Tonight I'll be watching the debate hoping John McCain explains why his approach--lowering taxes on business--trumps the tax business plan of Obama. It's a hard sell to those 40% who pay nothing and would get free money. McCain has to show how it's a small consolation when stocks and jobs suffer as a result.


  1. I'm not nervous. I found prayer helped a lot when I was nervous for Palin last week. Perhaps you could do one of those --what's the Yiddish?-- daven?

    Today, for us, is the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary when a whole country united in prayer and turned back a Turkish armada which was miraculously attributed to Mary's intercession.

    This is the day 5 years ago when I hovered over my daughter's NICU isolette, awaiting a heart surgery the next day and casting my cares upon the Lord. The surgery was postponed and my daughter turned it around and decided in some cosmic way to live.

    It could happen again.

  2. This was my reflection on October 7, 2003, written 10-7-2005 and, curiously enough, Nanny is again at the Vatican this week visiting the current Pope. Do I have friends in high places? At any rate, it's where I as a mom learned the difference between life and limb.

  3. Ruth Anne, I do ask God to let his will be done, but believe that McCain's way is closer to His. I also believe that McCain has more prayers, more sincere people humbly asking God to give him strenth, inspiration and success, than Obama has. This is based on my observation that liberals tend to make politics their religion and leave out God; conservatives tend to include God, and therefore would pray more often for their candidates and for our nation.