Monday, September 1, 2008

Palin as both Mom and VP: A Conflict?

I was reading the comments to fellow blogger Ruth Anne Adams' post of the photo of Sarah Palin juggling blackberry and baby, Costco wipes nearby(below). Ruth Anne lauded the "Costco Conservative's" multi-tasking expertise. It's a VP pick I heartily endorse--and that, in fact, energizes not only my excitement for the ticket, but the hopes and chances of the entire Republican party.

But the comments expressed severe reservations--objections, in fact--to Gov. Palin's willingness to run for Vice President while the mother of a Down Syndrome infant just four months old, her son Trig. It appeared the moms who wrote in, one with a DS child herself, felt the VP campaign and position conflict
ed too much with Palin's primary responsibility, mothering her baby.

While I honor those women who choose to make motherhood their primary time commitment, I respectfully disagree that Sarah Palin's vice presidency will automatically mean Trig gets short shrift. In fact, the photo that triggered the disparaging comments, from McCain daughter Meghan's blog, didn't show Gov. Palin with cell phone and blackberry and laptop--no, it was moments after the
announcement of her candidacy and there she was--holding Trig snugly close to hear body, near a recognizable pack of Costco wipes. In the exciting moments immediately after addressing the nation, Sarah Palin's first instinct was to reach for her babe. She's no neglectful mom.

I recall with fondness and nostalgia the late puppeteer and educator Shari Lewis, (Hush Puppy, Lamb Chop) who I was honored to call a friend. She took my husband and myself on a tour of her home once, and proudly showed off her photos with her daughter's brownie troop. She was doing her national TV show at the time, as well as speaking and writing books, but she had been the one to organize and lead the troop. "It's always the busiest mom who you can count on to get things done," she commented.

I suspect Sarah Palin is one of those "busiest moms" who gets the most done. She's a physical fitness buff, and keeping in shape alone adds endurance and mental acuity. She raised her four older children successfully while climbing the political ladder in Alaska. And importantly, she has an egalitarian marriage, where her husband is comfortable staying available and nurturing--in his obviously macho way--as a complement to the kids' clearly involved mom. This is a lady who started her leadership through the PTA, through support of her children's educational welfare, not with the plan of a political career. I daresay that the officers of the PTA who I've known spend just as many hours dedicatd to the welfare of others as any Vice President does, only with less national recognition.

What I like about Sarah Palin is that she's direct and natural. She's as comfortable with that blackberry as she is holding Trig close to her heart. She's a lady who embraces opportunities and challenges just as she embraces her children, and that includes her son with Down Syndrome. While I cannot speak
for parents of Down children, I know that each child requires special nurturing in his or her own way. With a dad on the scene and caring auxiliary help, which the Palins surely have--not to mention the devotion of siblings who clearly adore their baby brother--there's no reason why Trig cannot thrive. As Sarah Palin said the moment she gave birth and gazed at her new son four months ago: "He's perfect." And it's that attitude that treasures and expands on God's gifts that makes Sarah Palin so appealing as our next Vice President.


  1. Excellent post! You knew Shari Lewis? I loved her!

    Personally, I blame Dick Cheney. He made the veep job so much more than any of his predecessors. John Adams [1st V.P.] was escorted out of Washington's cabinet meetings! He loathed the big title with no job, but that was what the Constitution demanded. He did, however, break more ties in Congress than any other V.P. [around 100, IIRC].

    Perhaps it's time to make the VP job what it is...our version of the heir apparent. Or perhaps the prime minister: the one who officiates at State funerals and such. If Palin's a quick study [I'd lay odds she is] she'll do just fine.

  2. Ruth Anne, thanks for being the basis of my post! I am thankful that Dick Cheney was there on the job--having him added to our security. I just heard something about Palin's fam that is, um, troubling--however, it's unrelated to her performance. I think she's a quick study and will work hard on mastering international relations, and I think that without her, we'd have...MORE worrisome President Obama!

  3. Thanks to your well-placed --um-- connections, I got about a hundred visitors in 5 minutes.

    Thanks to the Mensch, too.

  4. .
    This is going to be fun. History will be made, one way or another, and it looks more likely now that it will be the right history.

    Even more Hillary supporters will go for McCain now. Obama is no longer a near certainty. Heaven forbid something happens to McCain, but I believe Palin would rise to the occasion. She has the right attitude. Everyone knows Obama is NOT ready for POTUS, Palin is only for the VP. Look at Dan Quayle.

    YEY SARAH PALIN! YEY John McCain! Great pick! The 1st woman for the GOP VP? SCORE!

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