Friday, August 29, 2008

Sarah Palin--You heard it here (among the) FIRST!

Sarah Palin! My post of January 8 of this year has a huge photo of her--my suggestion at the time for GOP nominee! Whoa, was I ahead of the curve or WHAT?

Last night I was hoping in this space for "someone electrifying," and whattaya know, McCain came through. He's an innovator, that's for sure. Youthful, female, married to a Native American, mom of a Down Syndrome baby, known as a corruption-cleaner--and, important in our media-driven world--BEAUTIFUL. I am eager to hear her oratory style, her ability to think on her feet, and her defense of her inexperience. She countered her military deficiencies with the notation that her son is serving in Iraq; not quite enough, but a good start. We're off for a very exciting ride in the next few months!

Her acceptance speech and style were brilliant--energetic, straightforward--she made a few boo-boos (like using George Bush's mis-pronounciation, "nuke-u-ler" and at the end herself blessing the audience) but over all, the excitement was overwhelming and I found myself in that great emotional stratosphere that has all of us McCain supporters on a high, and must put Barack in a deep blue funk. I love how Palin credited Hillary with 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling that now Republicans will shatter! We live in amazing times!


  1. Commander in chief of the Alaska National Guard.

  2. I heard McCain say that...but did she DO anything in that capacity or did it just come with her title as Governor?

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