Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Zooming in on Wedding Joy

Back from New Jersey...Long Branch, that is, and a lavish and sophisticated wedding. Color scheme was light beige and cream..."balls" of roses in those tones were spotlighted in a dim room for a dramatic effect. Large orchestra, famous singer, both steak and stuffed chicken...pre-ceremony food at many "stations" augmented by waiters bearing trays of delectables...an array of square plates of colorful fruits including South African gooseberries...

Illustrious rabbis giving their blessings, and joyous family and friends dancing in such frenzied circles (separated by gender) that both glowed with perspiration as well as happiness.

I took photos. I feel I've lost a dimension of any activity if I haven't measured it in my viewfinder and taken bounteous images. Taking photos is the way I grab
and freeze and re-live moments, events and emotions. And so, at this life-altering occasion, I recorded and edited my still-lifes and while viewing them was there in that grand ballroom again, noticing expressions I hadn't seen, and framing highlights in new perspectives.

I do believe that each encounter, each vision (every day) is important and precious, and so, with
hundreds of witnesses there to link forever to this couple and to discharge their personalities into the amalgam of the guest amoeba, I was on my secret mission...well, sometimes my slightly obnoxious mission...to preserve it and examine it and immerse myself in it behind the protection of a little black electronic unit with its ability to zoom close into interchange and later to allow me the luxury to savor a smile and eliminate a grimace right here, in front of my computer screen back at home.

Mazel tov, Rachelle and Zev!


  1. R. is soooooooo beautiful. How were the gooseberries? What are all those chopped up things, and what are they doing in those tubs? Confused! Love you!
    (P.S. Thanks for the great desk! N. will draw you a t-y pic..... :-)

  2. Mink, the chopped up things were different kinds of fruit--kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, all arrayed for rainbow effect! Gooseberries were FABULOUS!! Enjoy the desk, I expect great literature to be penned there!