Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Showers of Two Types Bring Happy Rewards

So I was sitting at my computer, listening to the dots shuffling on my metal roof, when I looked up, expecting to see the morose sky and dashes of raindrops when--big shock! There was a gorgeous rainbow, brilliantly boasting its distinct colors. I felt instantly grateful to see it: "Acknowledged are You, God, who remembers and is faithful to His covenant and fulfills His word..."

We're taught that it's not all that good to see a rainbow; that God's reminding us that He won't destroy the world by flood this time, but, well, we might be deserving it anyway. I find it tough to associate something so grandly beautiful with a warning from God. Instead, it feels like He's ready to party, and here's a festive new outfit to prove it. After the enclosing oppression of dark gray and claustrophobic pelting of determined drops, to see the sun illuminate the view, and an arc of color stretch heavenward, brings a feeling of hope and encouragement. I can't return my eyes to my computer screen when a magnificent and fleeting show is right outside my door.

Don't Put Away Your Umbrella Yet... Speaking of showers, yesterday I helped organize a bridal shower, and it was bountiful fun. Peak was when the bride guessed responses of her fiance to "Newlywed Game" type questions, and when guests shared recipes brought for the bride. Best story: the reminiscence of the
college student who at age 7 had made a cake for the father-of-the bride's birthday. The slightly intimidating Dad cut into his cake to discover the baker girl had added a rather novel ingredient: a metal spoon.

Also fun: Descriptions of The Proposal on an icy beach near a closed-for-renovation lighthouse. There were no passersby on that frigid sand to memorialize the moment--so the clever groom-to-be had set up a tripod. The bride, meanwhile, was thinking, "Why did he spring this NOW, when I'm in sweats and my hair's a mess?"

The bridal couple we feted yesterday are slated to wed this coming Thursday. I'll be flying cross-country to attend; watch this space for an update!


  1. I'm watching this space! Some of my fur is starting to shed!

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