Monday, November 19, 2012

Petreaus & Libya "Coincidences" Explained in my Fantasy

This is my fantasy, a series of thought balloons over Pres. Barack Obama's head, containing what he's been thinking to himself. Given the many coincidences developing about the timing of when authorities knew about Gen. Petraeus' affair with Paula Broadwell, and the general's resignation right after election day, as well as the real-time viewing of the Sept. 11 Libya terrorist attack, and its subsequent spin by Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton--well, I can't escape formulating this little cartoon timeline about the driving thought in the president's mind over the last few months. And now, he's bowing in Cambodia while Israel's defending itself. I don't think I'm the only one imagining this particular scenario.

May, 2012 thought balloon over Barack Obama: "Gotta get re-elected!. Must win this election! Nuts; what's this about Petraeus and this Broadwell woman? I appointed him; he's my guy. Gotta shut this up. Must get re-elected!"

July, 2012: "Must win re-election. Whatever it takes, get re-elected! Petraeus has to keep quiet about his affair 'til I'm elected. Shut him up til I'm re-elected..."

September 10, 2012: "Gotta get re-elected! Must win this election! Whatever it takes, win this election! Can't allow Romney any momentum!"

September 11, 2012: "Uh oh, trouble in Libya. Must get re-elected! Minimize what's happening in Libya; gotta win this election!"

September 12, 2012: "Big problems with Libya--deaths there, even!--but must get re-elected! At least there's that stupid video. Susan and Hillary must spin; 'Spontaneous demonstration against video.' Can't let it interfere with my re-election.  Must get re-elected!"

October 4, 2012: "I blew that debate. Why did I stick to those damn talking points? Must make up for it. Gotta get re-elected!"
October 21, 2012: "Too much leaking out about Libya. Must win re-election! How to stop Fox News jabbering about Libya!?! Dear GOD, stop these Libya questions so I can win!"

October 31, 2012: "I didn't mean that literally, but wow! Sandy knocked Fox off Libya; even Christie thinks I'm cool! Will win re-election! Will win re-election!"

November 6, 2012: "YES. I did it. OK, Petraeus, go ahead. Become honorable now. Doesn't matter. I'm IN."

November 11, 2012: I even won Florida. I'm set. Petraeus, you're history; big deal. Even if all the Libya stuff comes out, the worst I'll get is censure. Give it a few days and I might even have a press conference."

November 10, 2012: "Everything's going to be OK. Stocks down 500 points; ignore--I'm in. Israel pelted by missiles from Hamas; hand it off to State Department and ignore--I'm in. Petraeus affair heads the news; great distraction. Take more photos with hurricane victims."

And now, after days of stunning silence during which the leaders of Canada, Germany, France and Britain issued strong statements in support of Israel, Pres. Obama finally admits from Bangkok "Israel's right to defend itself from missiles landing on people's homes."

Final thought balloon over Pres. Obama's head: "Stay as personally non-committal as possible. Don't ever have enough information on anything to comment. Do whatever I want to do. After all, I'm IN."


  1. Yeah, that probably isn't far from it.

  2. He bows to the men dignitaries yet the photos I've seen with him and the dames have him getting WAY too familiar, kissing and hugging them--bleech! How creepy. Did a good job getting himself re-elected, lets see what he'll do to the country in four years time.