Monday, October 19, 2009

Autumn Shock and Awe

How can people waste their lives looking downward to little metal squares, texting and emailing and phoning...when it's autumn and there's a spectacular show going on?

I'm amazed that God makes so much matter--zillions of leaves--every spring, created in such a way that in a few short months they turn explosive colors, shouting "look at me!" before dropping off and crumbling away into brown nothingness.  I'm also mind-boggled by the world's tilted axis, creating seasons with constant change and diversity in our environments.  Why should the earth tilt?

I'm no scientist, obviously, but I intently observe it all, marveling at the shockingly vibrant colors here in the Northwest.  Yesterday I went to our local Japanese Garden, where kimono'd hosts welcomed us to the annual "Maple Viewing" event.  Japanese music performed live lilted over the koi-marbled pond; tents for dabbling in Japanese arts attracted families, and squeals of joy from visitors punctuated their strolls as they discovered new vistas of astounding brilliance.

We must not let the colors go unappreciated. Gasps of awe and gratitude are appropriate. (photos by me, copyright 2009)


  1. Beautiful pictures. God's work is truly amazing--and so is your photography!

  2. mink who likes pinkOctober 20, 2009 at 8:17 AM

    I know.... isn't it amazing? I don't remember seeing so much PINK on trees and bushes in all my life.

  3. Thanks, John and Mink...I'm going out today in my neighborhood with my camera...ooooh!

  4. Your pictures are beautiful. Yes, God did make it all. Thank you for being such a blessing to me. Although we are different in our faiths, God has used you in a great way. God bless!!!

  5. I never even knew that we had a Japanese garden in Seattle. Might go visit today. I hope the trees are still colorful.

  6. Thanks so much, Darlene...
    And Cam, you MUSt catch the color immediately before it blows away! The Japanese Garden is part of the Arboretum near the University of Washington.

  7. I did end up going last weekend. Took a ton of pictures and posted a blog about it. More pics on my Flickr account.

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