Sunday, November 2, 2008

In God We Trust

I stayed up very late last night going online researching all the candidates and measures in order to complete my mail-in ballot. I feel confident I made the best choices, given four hours of fact-checking and argument-analyzing. I only pray other voters take their enfranchisement as the solemn duty and privilege it is. As the election accelerates to a close--one hopes, not a whimper--the nervousness falls aside and a calm replaces it as trust in God and His wisdom, as well as a recognition of the history of blessings He has provided our nation, prevails.

I loved these photos from Meghan McCain's blogette, taken by her photographer, Heather. To the right, a humble Sen. McCain graciously accepts the appreciation of his audience, with Joe the Plumber, Meghan and Cindy. It is his complete subjugation of self to the good of our country that strikes me, in blinding contrast to the attitude of his opponent. I do think the real One notices such things.

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  1. I get so excited when I get to the polling place. What a wonderful privilege! And now, when I put the ballot in the box, I remember the people in Iraq with purple ink stains on their fingers...
    Tomorrow will be a great day- whatever the outcome- that I will share with my grandchildren as they grow up.
    Thank you and your husband for all you do to inform and encourage me!