Sunday, December 9, 2007

What is a "five and ten"?

Reading over my last post, I realized that readers may not have memories of a five-and-ten. Do I need to explain what that was?
If you know what it was, let me know and give me the name of one or two near you.


  1. Holly-Day Greetings (is that still p.c.? after all, there should be a holly bush nearby, right?) - So weren't Woolworth and Ben Franklin stores the usual "5 & 10"s ... I guess now replaced by our fave $$$Tree stores, which wouldn't quite fit in the lyrics of the song that I too enjoy singing, so maybe I'll find it on a karaoke disk and we'll have at it, eh girlfriend?

  2. Alas, I am too young. Are you the crayon girl or the other? What cute blond things! That reminds me, send my love to your sis (and quirky niece)!

  3. Mink, you ARE too young. I have crayons. Doubletee, I only know Woolworth; Ben Franklin is a big craft store we have in the Northwest. Is it also a five-and-ten?