Thursday, April 26, 2007

A preliminary peek at the "after" view

Oh YES! Today was a solid-gray day in the Great Northwest. Thick layers of silver shrouded the sky from daybreak through dusk as if wrapped in a dull pashmina.

But today was one of the brightest I can remember. Mt. Rainier remained in the dressing room, changing to her most hopeful apparel for when that curtain is drawn and she can step forward, proud in her new garments.

Actually, Lady Rainier might be a tad embarrassed, because now she has nothing to hide behind. Today, the enormous Douglas Fir separating her from me was TOPPED. That word is anathema to serious tree people, and though that word sings for me today, I do consider myself a Friend of Tree. Just not a particular tree that lives to tell the tale, wide branches reaching out from its still living decapitated trunk.

Lake Washington, I'm watching YOUUUUU! And jumping all around my house, singing and whooping and screeching my joy for now, now, the panorama is back! The view is wide, the sun beckons, the Mountain, clever to spring a most anticipated surprise ppearance, blushes in her gray cloud robe until...when?....Soon, oh please be soon! But until then, I'm waiting for you!


  1. "HOLY SMOKERS!!!" The trees finally got a haircut. It looks awesome.

  2. MAZAL TOV on the Lady's coming out party/debutante ball/good morning Tree Shine debut! Before & after views look like dark & light, day & night, truly a tree-mendously bright-light welcome change ... cosmetic surgery long overdue, woo hoo! ... now go get that book writ!

  3. Hey guys, thanks for the comments; I'm pretty jazzed! As for writing my book, well...just one more blog!!! Please!!???