Sunday, January 21, 2007

My parents in 1943 at the Hofbrau in Los Angeles... a love story that lasted.


  1. Time is never wasted meandering through memories, dear light (and thank you for posting your poignant pix). One day your children will treasure holding those same memories close to their own hearts. And I can almost hear them saying, "NOW I know why mom kept making us pose for a zillion photos; how we wish we had more to reminisce about how happy/sad/goofy/glad/cute/smart/proud ... we were" and only then will they exclaim, "Wait! We DO have MORE; for every battle we "won" running away from her viewfinder, she claimed the bigger prize, how lucky were we to have a mom who savored every second of our busy lives in Kodachrome and we can now share them with OUR kids!" And so it goes ... Meanwhile, yes, it was a day of gray but I'm glad you chose to play, even with "borrowed" kiddies ... and that's all I want to say before I go away -- see ya on the other screen!

  2. are more eloquent than me...
    Yes, my shuttering and muttering causes much protestations from the "talk to the hand" crowd, but I can count on wise YOU to understand the value of it all...